Canvasser App

Mobile Canvasser App

Our Canvasser App is designed to maximise returns of the Household Enquiry Form (HEF), Invitation to Register (ITR) and the collection of evidence while easing the administrative burden on Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) during the annual canvass.

Fully integrated with Xpress software, the Canvasser App is proven to improve return rates for the HEF and ITR, even in areas where the response is typically low. The mobile canvassing app also saves time and money by enabling canvassers to capture and sync data seamlessly with Xpress Register.

The App is packed with useful features to make your canvass quicker, easier and smarter:

  • Fully integrated with Xpress software
  • Data encrypted at all times
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Integrated with Google maps
  • GPS tracking
  • Secure hosting
  • Remote Wipe.

Why use the Canvasser App?

The Canvasser app delivers benefits for EROs, finance officers, canvassers and the public:

Electoral Registration Officer (EROs) and Finance – save time and money

  • Planning time is reduced as routes are easily mapped using the App
  • EROs can assign, track and re-assign routes, with real-time access to each canvasser’s progress
  • Time spent processing forms is freed up for other electoral administration
  • Return rates go up, helping to deliver a more complete and accurate electoral register
  • The return on investment is immediate, even taking account of the cost of tablets and hosting.

Canvassers – make the job of canvasser easier, more appealing and rewarding

  • No need to visit the office to collect and hand-in forms
  • No more juggling of bags, pens and paper forms on the doorstep
  • A tablet is light and easy to carry or use on the doorstep, day or night and whatever the weather
  • The App makes it easy to map routes and search names/addresses.

Public – inspire confidence in your electorate with an easier, more professional process

  • Data is quickly and easily captured on the doorstep with no fuss
  • Data is more secure because it is automatically uploaded and encrypted.

The Canvasser App is already being used by over 80 Local Authorities (2000 canvassers).

To find our how the Canvasser App can help you improve return rates while saving time and money please call or email us on 01453 794999 or