Company Overview

About Xpress

Founded in 2001, Xpress Software Solutions Ltd is part of the ERS group and is the largest supplier of electoral management software in the UK. Our team of electorally experienced consultants and software development specialists work with over 225 local authorities, providing them with access to a first class support service and our market leading electoral management software.

What we do

Xpress provides a complete electoral software and support service. All features of the system are accessed via intuitive and easy-to-use Windows styled interfaces, providing optimum performance and functionality while harnessing the power and flexibility offered by Microsoft® products.

As part of the ERS Group, we provide a number of additional services, including; telephone, Internet and SMS electoral registration services, seamless printing services, fully managed Signature Refresh services, Election Stationery, Postal Voting Packs, Poll Cards, Ballot Papers, Pre-Election Mailings, Referendum Services and Business Improvement District Ballots.

Our subsidiary company, Modern Mindset are the developers of, the leading committee decisions management system in the United Kingdom. The system has been at the forefront of providing an advanced and popular e-democracy system to local government for over thirteen years and together we are delivering the first and only democratic software service in the United Kingdom.