Automated Local Data Matching Tool

Saving you time and money by matching over 250,000 records in only 40 minutes

The Automated Local Data Matching Tool uses advanced matching techniques to upgrade records which have already been through IER-DS and been returned with a Red or Amber RAG status.

What does the Automated Local Data Matching Tool do?

  • Imports local data files including council tax, payroll, care home residents, residential/blue badge permits, and housing benefits data into the tool and then matches these records against electors with a Red or Amber RAG status
  • Provision of a mapping feature to allow the manual mapping of fields to the column numbers, where there is no header row in the data file
  • Provision for council tax void property data to be imported into the system and for a return status to be set against these properties during the canvass
  • Provision of a locking feature to prevent anyone from trying to interrupt the session while the matching process is running
  • Provision of a detailed on-screen matching report
  • Guideline matching rates of 250,000 records in a 40 minute period