Mobile Canvasser App

The Mobile Canvasser  app is designed to meet all of your IER canvassing needs

Mobile Canvasser App

The Mobile Canvasser App is already enabling Local Authorities to meet the challenges of delivering IER on time and on budget.

So what does the Mobile Canvasser App do?

For the ERO

  • Reduce training costs
  • Reduce print costs
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Reduce canvassing costs
  • Ability to view the progress of canvassers via the Xpress Register
  • Ability to allocate new or amend existing canvasser rounds in real time
  • Ability to message the canvasser through the device
  • Remove the need to manually “pull” HEFs or ITRs that have been returned to the office

For the canvasser 

  • Access to an all weather proof canvassing solution
  • Access to an up to date overview of the HEFs and ITRs to be canvassed
  • Ability to capture all HEF and ITR information on the doorstep
  • Ability to capture any ad hoc ITRs from new electors identified on the doorstep
  • Ability to collect evidence on the doorstep
  • Ability to monitor canvass round progress
  • Ability to utilize the mapping features to locate the nearest property and identify the most efficient canvass routes
  • Ability to either sync the HEF and ITR updates in real time through 3G/4G/Wi-Fi or work remotely and then sync when 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity is available/re-established
  • Ability to record notes against the property and/or the elector and sync these into the Xpress Register

Other benefits

  • Secure – sensitive information is encrypted
  • Secure - devices can be wiped remotely
  • Secure – panic button to transmit location and secure the app
  • Fully integrated with the Xpress software