Xpress Management

Your election management needs all in one place

Elections are high profile, time critical events. Having confidence in your election management solution is key to enabling you to run these elections successfully and is why we are always focused on delivering the most functional and robust solution the market has to offer.

So What Does Xpress Management Do?

  • Runs all types of Election and Referenda including Parliamentary, Euro, Local, Parish, Parish Polls, Mayoral, national and local Referenda including the Neighbourhood Planning Referendums
  • Runs combined and multiple (separate) elections on the same day, automatically designating the primary and secondary election
  • Provision to generate election timetables based on calculated polling dates
  • Provision to generate all statutory election notices with full auditing
  • Provision to generate full or part nomination packs for all Election and Referenda with full auditing
  • Provision to select party emblems from a stock list or add any party emblems, not listed, directly from the party emblem folder
  • Seamless, automated checking of candidate nominations against the Xpress Register
  • Production of an extensive range of candidate and agent letters and notices with full auditing
  • Provision to create polling stations including split stations and multi-register stations
  • Production of ballot paper proofs and data
  • Provision of an equipment and stores feature to enable overviews of stock levels and maintenance records of the equipment allocated to the election buildings
  • Provision to allow for maps and any bespoke notes/information to be added to the poll card
  • Provision to use the drag and drop feature to enable a fast and effective method of allocating and re-allocating election staff
  • Provision for payment amounts to be calculated automatically and accounting for combined elections and individual taxation
  • Provision of an extensive transactions tool to allow for the generation of ECU documentation