Xpress Scanning

The markets most comprehensive scanning application 

The Xpress scanning application does everything from scanning Household Enquiry Forms to processing Postal Voting Statements, continuing to set the standard for what an electoral scanning solution should be.

So What Does Xpress scan Do?

  • Operates in a TEST and LIVE mode
  • Scans all IER documentation including HEFs, ITRs, Query, Evidence, Attestation, permanent opt outs and any other general correspondence
  • Provides a return to sender feature to enable the automated setting of type 2 deletions and management of Discretionary HEF's
  • Provides a manual received date feature to enable applications to be added to the correct Register month
  • Provides batch scanning and scanning actions features to enable the automated processing of postal returns, canvasser returns etc.
  • Scans all absent vote documentation including absent voting applications, postal voting statements and ballot papers
  • Provides a facility to scan, receipt and check all postal voting statements in both a networked and non-networked environment
  • Provides on screen access of the original postal application, the most up to signature and the postal voting statement when adjudicating mismatches
  • Scans in at 200 dpi, allowing for significantly faster processing speeds
  • Produces detailed absent voter signature, date of birth lists and batch processing reports