Xpress WebReg

Helping customer contact centres to efficiently and effectively manage their first line electoral calls

Xpress WebReg is an Intranet read only Xpress Register access solution.

What does Xpress WebReg do?

  • It is deployed via the Intranet making it an attractive solution for those authorities wanting to provide an easy to use, web based, read only solution to their customer contact centres
  • Enables contact staff to add new applications and automatically determines whether to send up the application to IER-DS or generate an invitation to register (within the Xpress Register)
  • Allows contact staff to confirm the electors' registration status, provide elected members details and confirm the electors' polling place
  • Allows contact staff to generate applications and correspondence directly or have them auto forwarded to the Document queue for processing by the ERO (permission based)
  • Allows the ERO to set up the user permissions to ensure contact staff have the appropriate access to the application