Xpress Connect

Xpress Connect

Xpress Connect integrates electoral data into ‘Tell us once/My Council’ services.

Xpress Connect is the most advanced and secure online gateway, which enables Councils to integrate electoral data into ‘Tell us once/My Council’ services. It is a set of web functions that ICT teams can use to integrate with Xpress. They call the relevant web service function, which will return the requested data or insert the record (based on the method they call).

Xpress Connect can be set up internally or externally. It is secured via a two-way handshake, to ensure that only authorised personnel/systems are able to call the web service. It is hosted by the Council and provides a secure and managed gateway to the Xpress database.

Xpress Connect enable electors to carry out self-serve tasks, including:

  • Am I registered?
  • Check my absent vote status and apply for an application (where applicable)
  • Where is my polling station?
  • Who are my elected members?