Xpress Register

Xpress Register

Xpress Register meets all your electoral registration needs.

Xpress Register is a functionally rich electoral registration system that enables electoral administrators to manage their registration needs, including the annual canvass. Offered on licence for unlimited users, it is fully integrated with our other software products including the Mobile Canvasser App.

With Xpress Register you can manage, track and interrogate every step of the registration process. Our fully integrated web-based register, WebReg, gives your customer contact centre secure access to your electoral register, so they can manage your first line electoral registration enquiries.


Unlimited users on a single licence      Automated Household Response (enables citizens to respond to the HEF by telephone, SMS or online)     
Fully integrated IER solution Automated Boundary Maintenance
Data mining Automated NLPG Loader
Two-way Email and SMS Automated Local Data Matching
Register distribution Document scheduler
AES 256 Zip Encryption Absent Voter Signature refresh module
Full auditing Online Help and built-in guidance

Why Xpress Register?

  • fully integrated IER solution
  • fully integrated with the Mobile Canvasser App
  • fully integrated Signature Refresh (RefreshERS) and annual canvass print and scan (Xpress Scan) managed services
  • two-way multi-channel services (email, SMS).

To find out how Xpress Register can help you build an accurate and comprehensive electoral register, please call us on 01453 794999 or use our contact form.