Our Development team is responsible for developing all of our products and work closely with our technical support team to ensure the timely delivery of all fixes, enhancements and data migrations.

matt hogg

​Matt has a strong background in computer development and has worked for various companies within the private sector. Matt joined the Xpress team in 2008.

James Gardiner

James was a full time University student, who took up a placement position within the Xpress team during the summer of 2008. Under the tutelage of some of the senior Xpress development colleagues, he undertook a number of projects within the Xpress team ranging from Web design to the European Results package. James graduated in 2010 with 1st class honours in Information Technology and is now a core member of the Development team, specializing on our web based products and services.

Rajee perera

​Rajee has previously worked for private sector companies developing ERP, CRM and Medical Inventory solutions. He joined Xpress in 2013 and is primarily responsible for the Xpress Scanning applications.